Cover of June Caravel's album The A Cappella Sessions - Credit: Caroline Ienné

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For June Caravel, a vocal explorer born and raised in Paris, singing in English had always been the obvious, natural way. She even left France for the UK in 2009 to stop hearing that nagging, repetitive question: “How is it you don't sing in French?” Until that fateful day in 2011 she met compatriot Pierre Carrey. After an evening of boozing and singing where there was no stopping June's vibrant adlibs, Pierre jokingly told her « J'te ramène à la boutique, si tu continues » (I'll return you to the store if you carry on) which sounded like perfect lyrics for a new song in French.

Having broken her own rule of avoiding French at all cost, June thought she might jump at the opportunity to also honour her Italian roots (thanks Mum!) and write a song called Non Voglio Un Caffè. And then again why not take advantage of eleven years of arduous German lessons to remix a Cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach? June's childhood Mexican friend Lucia Barahona also convinced (and coached) June to sing in Spanish the song Primavera. For the rest, though, June remained faithful to her style and composed the rest of The A Cappella Sessions songs in her beloved English language.

The A Cappella Sessions is a multilingual album on more than one account. In the credits you won't find any extravagant instruments: as its name suggests it, The A Cappella Sessions is a voice-only album. June patiently layered all the vocals one by one, her voice changing into a violin here, into a bass or even a drum there. The only external help June's voice resorted to was a pair of hands to provide the indispensable claps and snaps. June also organised a remix contest around 3 of her tracks: London Song, I'm not forgiving you and I'm gonna put some make up on. The result is a jazzy, soul pop and classical album spiced up with dub and electro remixes but always with June Caravel's unique alto voice.

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About June Caravel
In a previous life June Caravel was called T-ka, taking inspiration from the forehead mark worn by Hindu Indians (no, not the UK's favourite spicy dish!). She composed mellow and soul piano tunes and vocals, performed on stages as diverse as Paris, Seoul and New-York, played at renowned festivals such as "Enghien Jazz Festival", "Solidays", "Muzik'elles" and even opened for world-class artists such as Maceo Parker, Tower of Power, Malia and Robin Thicke.

In 2007 thanks to Sellaband and 684 generous believers from all over the world she raised $50,000 and recorded her first album "And maybe a tree will rise out of me..." in Weed, California. The soul-pop record was produced by Sylvia Massy (Prince, Skunk Anansie) and supported by a crowd of hugely talented musicians: guitarist Jeff Pevar (Ray Charles, Crosby Stills & Nash), drummer Stevie D (David Gilmour, Crosby Stills & Nash), bassist Tibo Barbillon (Nouvelle Vague) and horn-player Bill Holloman (Nile Rodgers, Diana Ross). Las Vegas rappers « Ambytionz Chyldren » also featured on the track « Terror ». In 2011 after seeing Bobby McFerrin & Richard Bona live, T-ka discovered the limitless possibilities offered by the human voice and decided to give up traditional compositions for A Cappella singing. It was a revelation. She started experimenting new songs with her unique three and half octave voice range and her loop pedal and soon became June Caravel.

An incredibly very down-to-earth, creative and fiercely independent busy bee, June Caravel loves to constantly explore new avenues such as drama, bass playing, screenwriting, rockabilly dancing, to name just a few. She feeds these inspirations into her songs along with her music heroes Prince, Maxwell and Tori Amos. She has just moved to Hannover in Germany.

The A Cappella Sessions (2012 - Paris upon Thames Records)
And Maybe A Tree Will Rise Out Of Me… (2008 - Sellaband)


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